Meet the Staff

Meet the fine people who put their sanity on the line for your wallet. Click on the staffer’s name to learn more about them.

The Money-Grubbing Management

  • Abe Froman, Sausage King of Chicago, Editor in Chief [email]
  • Dr. Rufus Jackson, OB-GYN, Publisher [email]
  • Octavia Driftwood, Associate Editor [email]

The Office-Supply-Stealing Underlings

  • Chris Peddie, Staff Writer [email]


  • Baby X, Child Correspondent & Super Pimp
  • C. Achmad O’Reilley
  • DJ Marc Herbert, Staff Writer & Fly DJ
  • Mephisto Ghandi
  • Ralph Bottlemontaigne
  • Ray-Ray Compton
  • Retardo Montalban, Staff Writer
  • Sarah Connor
  • Scott the Angry Jew
  • Zackie