Frequency Starring Dennis Quade, Jim Caviezel, Shawn Doyle, Elizabeth Mitchell. Directed by Gregory Hoblit.

Imagine if you had a radio that would allow you to change the past by speaking to people. I certainly wouldn’t fuck about talking to dead people, I’d be in there entering competitions and making myself one rich limey. Which again shows Hollywoods inefficiency at portraying realistic situations with an over stretched plot.

This movie bored me. If not for the genital herpes keeping me awake, I would not have made it passed the credits.

Jim Caviezel finds a two way radio in his attic who can speak with his dead firefighter father, Quade, who died in a big fire. The radio helps him speak to the past and he warns his dad about the fire, he survives and then his mum is killed by a serial killer. (How Bizzare!) Between the present and the past, they hunt down the serial killer, Caviezel using clues from old news papers etc. and Quade fiddle arsing around in the past.

This movie had the potential to be no more than shite. It was once said that an army of monkeys could re-write, the entire works of Shakespeare over three thousand years. This script – 2 monkeys in a fortnight.

Quade leaves me to expect more. Inner Space, DOA and that other one where he twats the fella with the buggy – Undercover Blues. In this he remains like his character – a corpse. No wonder Meg left you, fuckin’ loser!

Normally I would not go to see this kind of film as my nurse doesn’t like me to get excited, but I think she had already seen it and knew that there was nothing to worry about.

If they ever make a sequel, I hope that they will be erasing the past, MY past, so I can get my money and my 90 minutes back. The problem is that Hollywood will continue to churn out parrott vomit like this.They don’t look at the reviews! They only look at the gross monies that they have taken since the picture opened. Monies that were taken BEFORE the film has been seen. Heres a novel idea. Let us watch the film FIRST then let us decide if we should pay. Then you would see which actors are worth the millions.

But who am I? I’m just some fuckwit who gets to see the movie 4 months after the rest of the world, because I live in the psychiatric wing of Europe. My money is as good as everybody elses at the door but my opinion isn’t worth jack shit!

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