Stuart Little

Blowing the plot for you is a quick blessing so here it goes: Ozzie and Harriet adopt a mouse to increase their tax write off 1.01 children. The older sibling is not pleased, but the witty well-dressed mouse wins him over. A political upheaval ensues with the house cat who plots a coup with the aid of an alley cat mob. Mouse has to leave. Family is crushed. Plot is uncovered. Chase scene. House cat redeems himself. Mouse gets to be raised like a human.

Let’s face it, Stuart Little is a formula flick churned out by the huge Hollywood movie machine. A couple of ‘producers’ yanked a story off the shelf at some kid’s section at B&N, poured it into the big Hollywood mixing bowl and resold it as control currency for parents to use with their rugrats. “You kids want to go see Stuart Little tomorrow? Then stop fighting and go sit in the closet”.

I hold no grudges against the actors. Hell, everyone has to pay the bills. The one actor I am going to point out as particularly bad is Brian Doyle Murray. Not for his part in this movie but rather for riding on the coat tails of his brother. Why does he use his middle name anyway? Does he want to distinguish himself that badly? It’s easy to tell them apart. Bill’s the funny one.

Isn’t movie magic great? You can make animals talk. BIG DEAL!! Mr. Ed was talking a long time ago although he didn’t have the benefit of these new fangled special effects. But then again, Stuart didn’t have the benefit of good writers. So I guess it all balances out. And speaking of special effects, I’d have to say that the ‘land of the giant’ antics pulled in this mouse movie was like a bowl of chewy noodles- you can imagine how good it might have been if they’d taken some time with it.

But the real butt burner with this movie is that it’s rated PG. The house cat says “Talk to the butt” once and the alley cats let out with a couple of ‘hells’ whilst in the chase scene. If that is going to warp some young mind – Allah help us. Or has the PG rating turn into a some kind of mandate for parents to spend more time with their children? I hate political correctness.

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