Detroit Rock City

This…this…thing…chugs spooge. No matter what you think of Kiss, you have to admit that some movies just shouldn’t be made and pricetags should be put on the heads of the people who made it.

For example, everyone knows tht one of the surest signs of a sucky movie is when the trailer is packed with funny shit. Well, that’s not quite the case with “Detroit Rock City.” You see, there weren’t that many funny scenes in the “Detroit Rock City” trailer. What’s worse, the scenes in the trailer were worse in the movie than in the trailer. Do you people understand the level of horrifyingly bad film making I’m talking about? This celluloid rot-gut, when placed on Miami Beach would make people swim back to Cuba.

So…these four high school kids want to go see Kiss play a concert in Detroit. Fuck it…I don’t have the strength to revisit this turd. Just trust me, it chugs spooge.

Detroit Rock City gets 200 1/2 Swayzes:
x 200 +

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