Three Kings

Oh God…here we go again…Marky Mark and George Clooney’s pre-“Perfect Storm” foray into suckiness. Aren’t we supposed to “feel” something for the people on the screen? Again, just like “The Perfect Storm” I couldn’t wait to get up and leave! It was just ridiculous. Had I been one of those towel heads, I would have simply shot the fuckers.

“Yeah I’m a fucking moron grunt and I’m going to smuggle millions of dollars worth of gold bullion out of Iraq and no one is going to notice.”

Hey Bob! Why all the Louis Vuitton bags that weigh 250 pounds each?

The most important thing for me to realize is that this film is not for me.At the opening, there’s a statement declaring that this film was shot with special effects and your television is not fucked up…duh!

Three Kings gets 8 Swayzes:

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