Next Friday

You know, it’s a damn shame when a cool brotha like Ice Cube makes a dumb-ass decision. No, I ain’t talkin’ about his hair style (although I DO think he’d look fly with a fade. Why don’t we see that shit no more?) What I’m talking about is his decision to make an unnecessary sequel to a perfectly fine movie. He has joined the ranks of Steve Gutenburg in the “Why the hell did I make that movie?” club when he wrote, directed, and starred in the Chris Tucker-less “Next Friday.”

In “Next Friday,” Craig James (Cube) is sent to live in the suburbs with his uncle Elroy (played by Don “Doc” Curry) who has recently won the lottery. The entire story is based on the whole “fish out of water” bullshit that has been done over and over. He shocks the neighbors by being too “street.” OK, he doesn’t fit in. We get it. Check, please?

“Next Friday” also features Mike Epps as Ice Cube’s wacky sidekick. Cube and Mike Epps, the poor man’s Martin Lawrence, spend the next 80 minutes or so smoking more dope than Woody Harrelson does to celebrate Cheech Marin’s birthday. Then they make the occasional “white people be stupid” joke, and before you know it the credits are rolling. All the while I’m sittin’ there wit my girl thinking “What the hell? Did I miss something?” It’s no wonder Chris Tucker passed on this movie. Even he knows a bad script when he sees one. (Although I’m salivating at the opportunity to rip him apart when the sequel to “Rush Hour” comes out).

It’s a shame to see Ice Cube make a movie that portrays the black man in such a manner: as negative, dope smoking lazy-ass bums with nothing better to do than call women “bitches” and use numerous variations of the word “fuck” for an hour and a half. And that’s not how African-Americans want to be thought of, is it?

I’ve been trying to think of something positive to say about “Next Friday.” So I’ll say ONE positive thing about this movie:

“Next Friday” is in focus.


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