Back again

Yeah, we’ve had more comeback tours than KISS…but we’re serious this time. Anyhoo. If there is anyone still out there…

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6 Responses to Back again

  1. vmg says:

    “What Love is” is a lot of hot air. Way too much talking, like who in their right mind is going to sit thru that..I practically fast forwarded through the entire movie. This should have been a stage play, not waste money on a movie.

  2. Wanted Sucks says:

    Hey man great domain…I came looking for it so I could make a site about how much WANTED sucks but you already own it, so I am asking you to make a review about how badly WANTED sucks. Please?

  3. borednlazy says:

    It’s about fucking time.

  4. simeon orive says:

    10000 bc seemed like a good idea, what could have been an interesting look into our past, turned into an absolute embarasement. how does someone convince people to make such crap. i expected something like appocolipto,instead i got revenge of the tomatoes.

  5. pepperspray says:

    Rufus…you still out there? I’ve been wondering if you’d ever do anything with your degree again…

  6. Liam says:

    This is an awesome website you have. Finally, another group of people out there pissed off at the steaming pile of bullshit that is mainstream cinema. I just watched a trailer for the new Sherlock Holmes movie. If you have ever read the original stories then you will be as fucking angry as I am. If you ever see it please rip it a new asshole!

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