Kangaroo Jack

Jerry Bruckheimer. That’s all I REALLY need to say. Jerry Fucking Bruckheimer. The king of the slag heap. Coyote Ugly. Gone in Sixty Seconds. Con Air. The Rock. Bad Boys. The trail of brain dead thrill-rides sprawls across the socially retarded cinema landscape like Anna Nicole Smith across a nursing home bed.

What a fucking maggot. What a stupid fucking movie. If you even care to know what this movie is about, aside from a rapping rat of the outback, go to the site. I don’t have the stomach to recount a single detail…except…

Kangaroo Jack has one redeeming value: getting a gander at the veiled, gargantuan mammalian protuberances of Estella Warren. Nice. Just like I like ‘em.

As for Kangaroo Jack: It sucked platypus cock. 50 Swayzes:
x 50

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